Proven benefits of Acupuncture

Dating back to around 2,500 years ago, acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicinal practices which is still used to date. It originated as a Chinese medicine practice which was traditionally used to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases as well as improve health. Over the years, studies have been conducted and have shown proven benefits of acupuncture.

What is Acupuncture?kmn5t2w3e6dy72ue8di29

It is a medical protocol which focuses on correcting body imbalances. Its traditional explanation is that it modifies energy (known as chi or qi) flow throughout the body. It involves penetrating the skin with small needles at specific points in the body. Doing this helps in stimulating the body at certain nerve endings leading to relieve from a wide variety of health conditions.

How does Acupuncture work?

According to Chinese traditional medicine, health is a result of a harmonious balance in the body. This is as a result of yin and yang which are complementary extremes of the life force chi or qi. Qi flows through meridians (pathways) in an individual’s body. The body has 350 acupuncture points where energy flows and the meridians may be accessed.

Illnesses, on the other hand, are said to create imbalances in the body, and this leads to imbalances to the forces. The insertion of the needles into these points is what helps bring the body back to its normal balance.

Benefits of acupuncture

From the studies conducted and published, acupuncture has proven to be an alternative treatment to medication and drugs. The following are some specific scientifically studied health benefits of acupuncture.

Relieve back pain

For the longest time now, acupuncture has successfully relieved people of their back pain. This can be said to be the most celebrated and common use of acupuncture to the body. Studies have shown that patients who go for acupuncture showed great improvement compared to ones taking medication. Some of the studies show that applying pressure to the acupuncture instead of needles can lead to patient’s improvement rates.

Soothes Indigestion

A study conjmkb2w5r5ed27edu82ducted in Brazil showed that acupuncture is an effective treatment for heartburn and indigestion for pregnant women. The study involved two groups of individuals. One group was given medication while the other was treated with acupuncture. The results showed a 75% decline in heartburn for the group that was treated with acupuncture while 44% of the other group saw the same effect.

Dulls persistent headaches

Studies conducted on different patients again showed that acupuncture therapy can help treat tension headaches and migraines.

Besides these proven benefits of acupuncture, it also relieves one from insomnia, nausea, obesity, and depression.